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I'm finding more intersections every day! Emergent Aesthetics + operat!ve disaster response. This one rocks my socks...

"Agent-based conception of disaster events: modelling human actors as rule-driven, simultaneous interactions within networks, as both affecting environments and expressing rules differently as environments change."
Emergence Notes (via Easily Distracted)
* I will update this post with my reactions and thoughts in a bit...I'm still on a conceptual convergence high.

UPDATE 1 (10-30-05)

OK, so we can use emergence to emulate known, studied phenomenon like a tree or swarm behavior in bees. And we can also use the algorithms devised from these emulations to build unknown things, like the most effective NASA radio transmitter for a satellite based on a tree algorithm or a FedEx package managing system based on an ant algorithm. These things have been done, and they are unbelievably awesome.

But, what would happen if we were to use emergence to emulate and create known and unknown conceptual phenomenon - i.e. emotions, ideas, experiences, cultures, etc?

Would we develop algorithms for emotion - a rule-based articulation of love, hate, or indifference? Perhaps we could create new experiences that we could have never conceived, but are still able to understand because they evolved from other ideas and experiences. Emergent Aesthetics gives us this framework of creation and understanding - in Brand Experience terms, it's a Turing machine.
* more updates to come...I'm working my way to the middle of the intersection


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